Benefits of Herbal Medicine(Remedies)

Pain is the most ancient symptom known to humanity. the etiology of pain is varied. Hence even the earliest known human beings used ‘herbs at their disposal to alleviate pain’. By 3000 B.C. different herbs for different pains concept came in both india and persian countries. So we have different herbs for pain in inflammatory origin. Theses herbs still continue as the mainstay in the herbal medicines the quality of those herbs tested by the present day technology are accepted.

Inflammation of the joints are associated with deposition of urates, uric acid and damages of spinal tissue by different etiology. The management of arthritis is by control of Diet, Rest and Medication along with proper sunlight therapy.

Ayurveda means “the science of life". It is derived from two sanskrit words ayus and vid, meaning "life" and "knowledge". For more than 3000 years, Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of living, has addressed itself to the fundamental principles of good health and longevity. It has developed treatment system based on the inherent ability of the human body to rejuvenate, to heal and to restore its natural balance. It seeks to strengthen and enhance the body's own healing processes - to help the body fight the diseases.

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